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20 July 2015 @ 12:11 am

*click on the image for a higher resolution*

I know I'm not that active here as I said I'd be, but... here you go!
I hope you like it!

I wanted to draw something cute and colourful in the first page of a sketchbook and... I thought about ChibiArashi! and the famous quote from Sakurai Sho "Write it as a Dream, Read it as a Road"
Please, credit me if you use it!

Any comment is welcomed!
23 May 2015 @ 08:49 pm

*click on the image for a higher resolution*

Here goes my first Arashi drawing ever!!!
It's more a sketch than an actual drawing.
I hope you like it!!

Please, credit me if you use it!

Any comment is welcomed!!
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Hello people! (mostly direceted to Arashi fans)
I'm María and although I created this account last year, I finally decided to take use of this.
After several days of thinking, I reached the conclusion I want to share my Arashi drawings.
It's possible I will update once in a long time, but hey, at least I will try to come with new sketchs/drawings.
It's possible that, later, I will also post my Arashi fanfics here, but about that, I don't know. It'll depend on how busy I might be from now on. I have always been drawing and writing since I was little.
I hope you will grow fond of my future drawings/fanfics.
Of course, any comment/encouragement is well received! :D
Would it be nice to share my drawings with everybody?

Have a nice day everybody!!

(Sorry for my English. It's not my native language)